Hear our Voices is an annual event run by me with the aim of giving a voice to people who enjoy creative writing but who also volunteer and/or are a service user of a local charity.  Carers and those who are housebound are also invited to read, or have read for them a piece of prose or poem on the night.

In 2017, the seventh Hear our Voices event took place at Poole Central Library on Thursday 15 June from 7pm.  There were contributions from: Frances Wheatley, Anna Webb, Mike Lawrence, Steven McCarthy, Rose Dean, Kirstie Long, Peter Windridge-Smith,  John Daniels, Malcolm Miller,  Parkstone Connects  (read by Rebecca Hunt),  Fiona Ffield, Anne Peterson and Mar Godfrey.   “Just to say I really enjoyed your ‘Hear Our Voices’ event. The pieces read out were so varied and excellently written too, it was a treat to be there. I felt so happy to take part.

Thanks to the following for their contributions: Co-op Food Tatnam Road, Poole, Writing Magazine, Writer’s Forum, Mslexia and Janet from Poole Library for hosting the event.