Many people, when asked what they would like for birthday or Christmas, often say they don’t want anything.  The same goes for anniversaries, weddings or other celebratory events.  They say they would prefer their friends and family to donate to a charity.  Often these are large national charities so I thought it would be good to raise the profile of very small charities with incomes of less than £25,000 and produce a booklet called No Presents Please listing some of them.  These charities are often volunteer-led without the resources to shout about their work and where every pound really does make a difference to them.

No Presents Please therefore contains the details of 34 very small Dorset-based charities and is aimed at people like those mentioned above who do not want presents for their birthday, Christmas (or other religious festivals), wedding or anniversary.  Instead they can now direct their friends and family to No Presents Please and ask them to support one or more charities in the booklet.

No Presents Please can also be helpful for families who do not wish for funeral flowers, but would prefer donations to a charity.

Download a copy here No Presents Please Final  Printed copies will soon be available in wedding shops and funeral directors across Dorset.

Please let me know if you discover any changes which need to be made.  I aim to keep the online copy as up to date as possible.  Many thanks.